MAFSU Sub-centre

In order to gear up the development of livestock sector of Marathwada region and to maintain as well as propagate pure germplasm of the local livestock breeds, the Government has established Sub-centre at Udgir in the campus of Veterinary College on 31st March 2003 .


  • Conservation and characterization studies on Deoni cattle, Marathwadi buffalo and Osmanabadi goat.


  • Poultry Research and Training Centre.
  • Fodder Development and Research centre.
  • Establishment of Veterinary Science Training Centre.
  • Establishment of Bio-Technology Centre.
  • To undertake research and extension activities in the livestock sector.

Activities Undertaken


  • Study on Blue Tongue: Six isolates subjected to RNA extraction were found positive for RNA PAGE analysis with true segmented RNA pattern.
  • Study on efficacy trial of Futvac vaccine – Status- completed
  • Research Projects submitted to Govt. of Maharashtra
    • Conservation and genetic studies of multiparous Osmanabadi goats.
    • Conservation and genetic studies of Deoni Animals.

Assistance/Facilities Provided [For conduct of research work (scientist, PG level)]

  • Adaptation and facilitation of livestock to impending climatic changes through shelter management (Department of Physiology).
  • PG Research on the association of MHC genes and mastitis resistance, and association of growth hormone and prolactin genes with milk yield. (Deptt.     of Animal Biotechnology, COVAS, Parbhani).
  • PG Research on Genetic characterization of regional buffalo using RAPD marker.(Deptt. AHDS, College of Agriculture, Latur).
  • An ICAR Network study on clinical trials of Blue Tongue vaccine.(Dept. Microbiology,COVAS, Udgir, Nodal control: COVAS, Parbhani).
  • PG Research work on comparative evaluation of Ovisynch protocol and Selectsynch protocol for improvement of fertility in postpartum anoestrus in Marathwadi buffaloes. (Deptt. ARGO, COVAS, Udgir).
  • A study on retention of placenta in buffaloes; effect of some drugs on uterine contraction (in vivo and in vitro), expulsion of fetal membranes.(Deptt.       ARGO, COVAS, Udgir).
  • Clinical trials of FMD vaccine in cattle and buffaloes. (Dept. Microbiology,COVAS,Udgir).
  • Efficacy of evaluation of AV/HLP/16 on serum biochemical and egg yolk cholesterol in layer egg. (Dept. Anim. Nutrition, COVAS, Udgir).


Attempts for the Establishment of Frozen Semen Lab for Marathwadi Buffalo in vogue.

Established Bio-Technology Centre

Supplied Deoni calves for rearing to the farmers.

Plans to achieve objectives:

Poultry Research and Training Centre

  • Establishment of research unit for Broiler Birds, Layer hens, Quails, Emu.
  • Establishment of hatchery unit for the supply of day old broiler birds & Quails.
  • Establishment of research unit for indigenous pure bred desi poultry.
  • Establishment of information center for conservation & scientific study for wild birds.

Fodder Development and Research centre

  • Establishment of Fodder museum for research & study.
  • Enrichment of barren & uneven land available at covas, Udgir.
  • Undertake a project for development of Gairan land of Udgir tehsil & adjoining area in collaboration with Revenue, Forest, Social forestry, Irrigation & Animal Husbandry Departments, Govt. of Maharashtra.

Establishment of Veterinary Science Training Centre

  • Construction of essential infrastructure facilities for the establishment of training center

Establishment of Bio-Technology Centre

  • Strengthening of existing Bio- Technology center with skilled manpower & Modern equipments

To undertake research and extension activities in the livestock sector

  • Production of frozen semen straws of Marathwadi buffalo at Sub- center Udgir.
  • Establishment of proven herd of Osmanabadi goat producing Twins & triplets specially.
  • Establishment of local radio station (FM) for broadcasting of information regarding veterinary & animal husbandry for the farmers.
  • Motivate the farmers to establish the co-operative fodder bank at their village.
  • Arranging farmers meet, Shiwar feri, shetkari melawa, livestock competition.
  • Providing ‘Rojgar Mantra Box’ containing the brochures of scientific information for poultry, Dairy, Milk processing, goat, sheep, Quail, Fodder production etc. at Gram panchayat, post office, Bus stand & at convenient public places.


Dr. Laxmikant S. Kokate


M.V.Sc., Ph.D, NET

Assistant Director


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Dr. Vivek N. Khandait


M.V.Sc., NET

Subject Matter Specialist (Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Extension)


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Dr. Shyam B. Kale


M.V.Sc. (Livestock production and Management)

Lab Technician


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