Livestock Products Technology

The department of Livestock Products Technology was established in 2002-03, as per the norms of Veterinary Council of India (VCI) with a main objective of disseminating knowledge about hygienic milk production, utilization of milk by-products, preparation of value added indigenous as well as western milk products, hygienic slaughter, dressing of food animals, preparation of value added meat products, utilization of slaughterhouse by–products to undergraduate students of B. V. Sc and A.H. courses.


  • Teaching under-graduate courses in the discipline of Milk and Meat Science.
  • Conducting research in the area of milk and meat science and by-products utilization.
  • Analysis of milk and meat products for physico-chemical and microbial quality.
  • To transmit the scientific knowledge to the farmers through telephone, radio talk, TV talk and booklets.
  • To motivate farmers, entrepreneurs and unemployed youth to establish their own milk and meat based enterprises.
  • To develop value added milk and meat products.

Courses Offered

Under-graduate & Post graduate


  • Dairy technology laboratory
  • Meat processing and examination laboratory.
  • Milk and meat microbiology laboratory.

List of major equipments

• Milk processing equipments
Semi automatic khoa making machine
Batch ice cream freezer
Hand operated ice cream freezer
Paneer press
Cream separator
Lassi making machine
Automatic butter churner

• Meat processing equipments
Sausage stuffer
Food cutter (bowl chopper)
Tandoor Oven
Smoking unit
Micro Oven
Deep freezer
Mixer cum food processor
Meat slicer
Different knife set
Food cutter (bowl chopper)


 Dr. A.A. Devangare


M.V.Sc., Ph.D

Associate Professor & Sectional Head

razi-passportDr. Mohammad Raziuddin M.N.


M.V.Sc., Ph.D
Assistant Professor