Reproductive Disorder Management Cell

Reproductive Disorder Management Cell
Department of Animal Reproduction, Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Reproductive Disorder Management  Cell (RDMC) was established in 2008 with the aim to study and give the solutions to dairy farmers & pet owners for various reproductive disorders of dairy & companion animals in working territory of College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Udgir. 


  • To study the incidence of reproductive disorders in animals registered in TVCC, COVAS Udgir, adopted villages & work camps.
  • To study the economical impact of gynaeco-clinical disorders on farmers economy.
  • To develop a package of practices to deal with gynaeco-clinical disorders for the prevention of disorders & minimize the economical losses.

Reproductive Disorders Under Study:

  • Artificial Insemination
  • Anoestrus
  • Repeat breeding syndrome
  • Endometritis
  • Uterine torsion
  • Incomplete cervical dilatation
  • Uterine inertia
  • Hydroallantois
  • Hydroamnion
  • Abortion
  • Mummification
  • Maceration
  • Monsters
  • Prepartum cervico-vaginal prolapse
  • Dystokia
  • Post partum uterine prolapse
  • Retention of placenta
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Freemartin
  • Uterine haemorrages


Dr. Umesh Balkrishna Kumbhar


M.V.Sc., Ph.D, NET

Incharge Officer

Reproductive Disorder Management Cell (RDMC)


Contact: 8451896690 / 9850773775

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