The college is undertaking the curriculum as per the guidelines of Veterinary Council of India, enabling the students to compete with the national scenario – for employment as well as higher studies.

The curriculum of graduation for the award of degree, B.V.Sc. and A.H., is a vast and informative encyclopaedia of knowledge on various aspects of not only treatment of diseases and disorders in animals but also that of general health, managemental, socio-economic, environmental and climatic, forensic and very important universal issues like food, hygiene, zoonosis, jurisprudence etc., as well. The subjects more or less similar as that in any medical science field, with the more wide a perspective about various animal species. Being vast and varied in scope, the subjects are divided into very applied theory and practical credits for planned learning and distributed among the nine semesters as given below, for convenient, gradual, exhaustive and applied learning.

Apart from this, the last (Xth ) semester, the internship, involves actual exposure of the student to field conditions and duties of a full trained veterinarian to further fortify  learning and skill through intensive off-campus experience at various centres, including private and public institutions of known repute.

(For detail understanding and definitions, please refer VCI Gazette, at the bottom of page).

Semester Wise Courses Offered To New B.V.Sc. & A.H. Degree Course

Ist Semester

Sr.NoCourse No.CreditsTitle
1VAN-1111+2=3Gross Anatomy-I
2VPB-1112+1=3Vet. Physiology– I
3VPB-1121+1=2General Vet. Biochemistry
5AGB-1112+1=3Bio statistics and computer  Application
6ANN-1112+1=3Principles of Animal Nutrition& Feed Technology

IInd Semester

Sr.NoCourse No.CreditsTitle
1VAN-121(2+2=4)Vety. Gross Anatomy-I(Myology,Neurology, Angiology & Aesthesiology)
2VPB-121(2+1=3)Vet. Physiology – II Neuromuscular, Digestive & Respiratory Systems)
3VPB-122(2+1=3)Vet. Intermediatory Metabolism
4LPM-121(1+1=2)Fodder Prod.& Grassland   Management-I
5LPM-122(1+1=2)Live. Prod.& Management-II  (Mono-gastric & Lab Animals
6AGB-121(2+1=3)Principles of Animal Genetics  & Population Genetics
7ANN-121(2+1=3)Applied Animal Nutrition – I (Ruminants)

IIIrd semester

Sr.NoCourse No.CreditsTitle
1VAN–2112+2=4Vety. Histology & Embryology
2VPA-2113+1=4Gen. Vety. Parasitology & Helminthology
3VPP-2111+1=2Gen. Vety. Pathology
4VMC-2111+1=2Gen. Vety. Microbiology
5LPM – 2111+1=2Avian Prod. & Management
6ANN – 2112+1=3Applied Animal Nutrition-II
7AGB-2112+1=3Livestock & Poultry Breeding
8LFP-2110+1=1Livestock Farm Practices

IVth semester

Sr.NoCourse No.CreditsTitle
1VAN- 221(1+1=2)Veterinary Splanchology &  Applied Anatomy
2VPB-221(3+1=4)Vet. Physiology – III (Endocrinology, Reproduction, Growth & Environ. Physiology)
3VPA-221(1+1=2)Veterinary Entomology Acarology
4VPA– 222(2+1=3)Veterinary Protozoology
5VMC-221(1+1=2)Veterinary Immunology & Serology
6VPP-221(2+1=3)Systemic Veterinary Pathology
7LPM-221(1+1=2)Commercial Poultry Production & Hatchery Management
8LPM-222(1+1=2)Livestock Production &  Management – III (Regional Interest)
9LFP-221(0+1=1)Livestock Farm Practice (Non Credit)

Vth semester

Sr.NoCourse No.CreditsTitle
1VPT- 3112+1=3General & Systemic Vety. Pharmacology
2VMC-3112+1=3Systemic Vety. Bacteriology & Mycology
3VPP –3112+1=3Special Vety. Pathology
4VPE-3112+1=3Milk & Meat Hygiene, Food Safety & Public Health
5LPT- 3111+1=2Milk & Milk Product Technology
6LPT-3121+1=2Abattoir Practice & Animal Product Technology
7VAE- 3112+1=3Principles & Techniques of Vety. & Animal Husbandry Extension

 VIth semester

Sr.NoCourse No.CreditsTitle
1VPT- 3212+1=3Vety. Neuro -Pharmac
2VMC-3212+1=3Systematic Vety Virology
3VPP –3211+1=2Avian Pathology .
4VPP –3221+1=2Aquatic Animal Diseases, Health Care & Management.
5VPE-3212+1=3Vety. Epidemiology & Zoonosis.
6LPT- 3211+1=2Meat Science
7VPB-3212+1=2Animal Biotechnology
8VAE- 3212+1=3Livestock Economics, Marketing & Business Management.

 VIIth semester

Sr.NoCourse No.CreditsTitle
1VPT- 4112+0=2Veterinary Chemotherapy
2VSR-4112+2=4General Vety.Surgery, Anesthesiology & Diagnostic Imaging.
3VGO –4112+1=3Veterinary Gynaecology
4VMD-4112+1=3Vety. Clinical Medicine – I
5VMD-4122+0=2Vety. Preventive Medicine – I
6VLD-4110+1=1Vety. Clinical Biochemistry & Lab Diagnosis.
7VCP- 4110+5=5Vety. Clinical Practice

VIIIth semester

Sr.NoCourse No.CreditsTitle
1VPT  – 4212+0Vety.Toxicology
2VSR – 4212+1Regional Vety. Surgery
3VGO – 4211+1Vety. Obstetrics
4VMD – 4212+0Vety. Clinical Medicine – II (Metabolic & Deficiency Diseases
5VMD-4222+0Vety. Clinical Medicine – II (Viral & Parasitic Diseases
6VLD – 4210+1Vety. Clinical Biochemistry & Lab Diagnosis.
7VCP- 4210+5=5Vety. Clinical Practice
8TVC – 4211+0Veterinary in Society (Non Credit)

IXth semester

Sr.NoCourse No.CreditsTitle
1VSR – 5111+1Veterinary Orthopedics and Lameness
2VMD – 5112+0Animal Welfare, Ethics & Jurisprudence
3VMD – 5121+1Zoo/Wild Animal Breeding, Management, Nutrition and Health Care
4VMD – 5131+1Pet Animal Breeding Management Nutrition and Health Care
5VGO – 5111+1Vety. Andrology and Reproductive Techniques
6VPE – 5112+1Enviornment and Enviornmental Hygiene
7VAE – 5111+0Livestock Entrepreneurship
8VCP- 5110+5=5Vety. Clinical Practice