Veterinary Microbiology

Department of Veterinary Microbiology

The Department of Veterinary Microbiology offers Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree programme. The curriculum prepares students to meet their goals, which include professional careers in academic, clinical and technical field microbiology.

All lecture courses offered by the department are taught by professional faculty .

Academically qualified students with interests in research are encouraged to participate in research programs through the Undergraduate Research course

The department undertakes time-bound research projects, in addition to the diagnostic services being provided for diagnosis of various  bacterial, viral and fungal diseases of livestock and poultry.


1.Dr. V.V. Deshmukh1989
2.Dr. D.D. Kulkarni 
3.Dr. A.R. Deshpande 
4.Dr. A.G. Karpe 
5.Dr. A.V. Bhosale2003-2008
6.Dr. S.P. Awandkar2008-2011
7.Dr. V.S. Waskar2011-2015
8.Dr. A.G. Karpe2015 to 2018
9.Dr. A.V. Bhosale2018
10.Dr. S.P. Awandkar2018-02/01/2024

Research Projects:

NoName of the projectFunding agencyProject cost(Rs.)Names of PI Co-PIsStatus
1Rapid Disease Diagnostic Centre For Small Ruminants


1.94 Crores 


Principal Investigator: Dr.A.V.Bhosale, Assistant Prof., COVAS, Udgir

Co – PI:
1.Dr. A.G. Karpe,Associate  Prof., COVAS, Parbhani
2.Dr.S.S. Kulkarni,Prof., COVAS,Udgir
3.Dr.S.S. Pitlawar,  Assistant Prof., COVAS,Udgir

4.Dr.S.S. Ghoke,AssistantProf., COVAS,Udgir
5. Dr.M.B. Kulkarni,COVAS, Udgir

2Molecular Surveillance and Cross Species Transmission of Rotaviruses of Animal and Human Origin from MaharashtraICMR, New Delhi52.00 LakhsCo-ordinator:1.Dr.A.G.Karpe, Associate Dean., COVAS, Udgir


Udgir Centre
Principal Investigator:Dr. A.V.Bhosale,Sectional Head, Dept. of Veterinary Microbiology, COVAS, Udgir
Co-PI:Dr.S.S.Kardekar, Paedetrician, KArdekar Hospital, Parbhani



 Rapid Disease Diagnostic Centre For Small RuminantsRapid Disease Diagnostic Centre For Small Ruminants(RDDCSR) has been established under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana and is functional from 2013. RDDCSR owes to provide the services to the farmers providing Antibiotic sensitivity testing, rapid disease diagnosis and the services mentioned below. RDDCSR provides a platform to provide the faciltities of HD Microphotography, Lyophilisation of bacterial cultures, plant extracts/antibacterial components, rapid identification of bacteria based on proteomic principle using MALDi TOF MS for Ph.D Students for their research.

MALDI TOF MS is first kind of its facility in the veterinary field in India meant for rapid identification of bacteria based on Proteomics.

Department of Veterinary Microbiology is having well equipped modern laboratory faciltites such as:

Animal Cell Culture   Laboratory
Micro 4

Advanced Bacteriology Research Laboratory



Animal Virology Laboratory

Immunology & Serology Laboratory

Slider micro1                                                                                   

UG Bacteriology Laboratory

Micro 1 (2)

Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory with Nanodrop, Gel Documentation and Real Time PCR facility


MCC Slider edt copy

Microbial Culture Collection of Veterinary and Zoonotic Importance

Housing 116 bacterial lyophilised cultures characterized based on the proteomic principle.The isolates procured from the clinical cases subjected to the college clinics, attending the outbreaks and the samples submitted by the farmers or field veterinarians.


UMCCVZ1. Acinetobacter
UMCCVZ2. Bacillus subtillis
UMCCVZ3. Bacillus cereus
UMCCVZ4. Bacillus thuriengenesis
UMCCVZ5. Brucella melitensis serovar Abortus
UMCCVZ6. Proteus mirabilis
UMCCVZ7. Escherichia coli
UMCCVZ8. Salmonella enterica
UMCCVZ9. Salmonella anatum
UMCCVZ10. Salmonella typhi
UMCCVZ11. Rhodococcus rhodosus
UMCCVZ12. Staphylococcus aureus
UMCCVZ13. Streptococcus pyogenes
UMCCVZ14. Klebsiella pneumonia
UMCCVZ15. Enterobacter cloacae
UMCCVZ16. Citrobacter freundii
UMCCVZ17. Pasteurella multocida
UMCCVZ18. Clostridium chauvoei
UMCCVZ19. Clostridium sporogenes
UMCCVZ20. Clostridium tertium
UMCCVZ21. Pseudomonas areuginosa
UMCCVZ22. Psedumonas sturtzi

Virus Collection

  1. Bluetongue Virus (6+7)
  2. Avian Reovirus (2)
  3. Newcastle Disease Virus (1)
  4. Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (1)
  5. Rabies Virus vaccine strain (1)


  1. Aspergillus niger
  2. Aspergillus flavus
  3. Penicillium
  4. Candida albicans
  5. Trichophyton rubrum
  6. Microsporum canis


BhonsleDr. Ashok V. Bhosale
M.V.Sc., Ph.D


Assistant Professor & Sectional Head

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KulkarniDr. Mahesh B. Kulkarni
B.V.Sc. & A.H, M.V.Sc.
Laboratory Technician
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