Employment generation through collection of rurally produced milk

Mr. Nagnath Biradar, 12 th passed, 20 years old, unemployed youth of adopted village Kodali. Though he possessed 16 acre land, was in search of work/job. He has immense interest in dairy farming. However, unavailability of livestock and capital were the most serious problems before him. During regular contact with staff members/experts of COVAS, Udgir, he got an idea to collect scatteredly produced milk of his village. Milk production of village was negligible before adoption, but now saleable milk had reached to 250- 300 litres. During early days selling of milk was a constraint for newly emerged youth dairy farmers of village. But this problem was resolved by giving responsibility to Mr. Nagnath to collect milk from small producers of village due to his honest and hard working nature. He established milk collection center at his village. However, due to non-remunerative price from co-operative, milk collection of his centre hardly reached to 20-25 litres. Obviously, it was not possible to generate sufficient income from this activity. Hence, he decided to collect milk and distribute it to hotels and some door steps at Udgir city. Now, daily milk collection is reached upto 40 litres and from this avenue he is earning Rs. 150-200 per day. He decided to raise few dairy animals to strengthen his business activity.


Youth of Kodali step up through dairy farming

Shri. Datta Malhari Gaikwad, Married, 23 years old, 5th passed, youth of Kodali. The condition of his family was economically worst. As elder brother of his family he took responsibility for bread & butter of his family on his shoulder. Though he doesn’t possess much resources and enough capital, he started to take care of his animals scientifically. Earlier he owned 2 buffaloes but milk production was negligible. Owing to weekly visits of experts from College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Udgir, he got inspired and started dairy farming. Initially, he made concentrate at home. He added mineral mixture in diet of animal. He noted improvement in the milk production and utilization of feed. He got the difference in milk production before and after adoption of scientific practices. This thing inspired him and he now continuously adopting such scientifically proven practices at his farm. Today he possess 6 buffaloes and 40 she goats. He followed standard managemental & health practices, like feeding of concentrate, mineral mixture, deworming, vaccination etc. He took regular guidance from college experts and regular check up for health and reproductive problems. He allowed to his animal balanced rations and mineral mixture daily, which helped to increase milk production. He is selling daily 40-50 litres milk to hotels and some doorsteps. Through this activity, he is earning on an average Rs. 450-500 daily by deducting all other expenditures. Initially, he started to distribute milk to Udgir, and for this he has to travel by auto rikshaw, which was consuming his precious time. But now he has purchased motorcycle to carry milk. Besides this, he is purchasing low cost animal, taking their proper care and selling them with profitable margin. As well as he is earning attractive profit from selling of average 40 goat kids annually.


College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Udgir adopted two villages viz. Dongarshelki on 18th June, 2005 and Kodali, Tq. Udgir, Dist. Latur on 21st August, 2008. In both villages various extension activities are continuously being carried out for the welfare of farmers, livestock owners, unemployed youth and women. The team of experts is visiting both villages on every week.

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