Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex

Veterinary Polyclinic has established in the Year 1990-91. The erstwhile Veterinary Polyclinic was renamed as Teaching Veterinary Clinical Services Complex (TVCSC) in 2003-04. In the year 2006, Govt. of Maharashtra sanctioned separate posts for TVCSC. As per the 2008-2009 VCI norms,  TVCSC named as Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex (TVCC). 

Facility Available:

Sr. No.Name of the Section
 a. Waiting hall for large animals


b. Waiting hall for small animals

c. Registration counter/Record room

d. Dispensary, drug store, etc.

2Large Animal Examination Section
 a. Medicine Unit


b. Surgery Unit

c. Gynecology Unit

3Small Animal Examination Section
 a. Medicine Unit


b. Surgery Unit

c. Gynecology Unit

4Operation Facility
 a. Bovine Surgery


b. Equine Surgery

5Diagnostic Laboratory Facility
 a. Fully Automated Hematology Analyzer


b. Fully Automated Biochemical Analyzer

c. Urine Analyzer

6.Other Equipment’s Available
 a. Oxygen Concentrator


b. Microphotography Unit

c. Electronic Stethoscope

d. Opthalmoscope

e. Electrocardiogram

f. Blood Pressure Monitor

g. Otoscope

h. Laryngoscope

i. Oesophagoscope

j. Trachescope

k. Fibreoptic Endoscope

l. Surgical Microscope

m. Laparoscopy Unit

n. Ultra-Sonography

o. Computed Radiography

p. C-arm System

q. Dental surgery

7Indoor Ward along with Farmers Room
8Ambulatory Unit
9Animal Transport Facility
10Night Duty Section (Residents Room)
11Loading/Unloading Platform
12Animal Handling Crate
13Weighing Balance

Year wise Data of Clinical Cases Attended in TVCC:

Sr. No.YearSection wise casesTotal

Year wise Data of Cases Attended in Work Camps, Outbreaks, Adopted Village under Ambulatory Clinics


Receipt Generated at TVCC:

Sr. No.YearReceipt (Rs.)

Future Plans:

  • Development of Referral equine Diagnostic and Surgical unit
  • Construction of farmers’ hostel for Inpatient animal owner
  • Construction of portable sling for recumbent animals


Dr. S.S. Pitlawar


M.V.Sc., Ph.D

Officer Incharge-TVCC

Email: drsspvet@gmail.com

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image001Dr. S.M. Agivale



Hospital Registrar (Vet.Surgery and Radiology)

Email: dr.agivale@gmail.com

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image003Dr. S.S. Ramteke


M.V.Sc., Ph.D

Hospital Registrar (Animal Reproduction, Gynaecology & Obstetrics)

Email: drsnehalramteke@rediffmail.com

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Dr. Neelam Kushwaha


M.V.Sc., Ph.D

Hospital Registrar (Vet.Clinical Medicine)

Email: kushneils@gmail.com

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